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Pre-school market at Maker Faire Singapore

A space created by Preschool Market for the young and young at heart. The concept of Preschool market Concept developed in conjunction with Sarah Lee-Wong of The Playful Parents. All children need a space to dream, imagine and play. In this space, we want to showcase DIY projects by preschools, stay-at-home mums and homeschooling families. This is a place where children are free to daydream and use their imagination to create their own play.

preschool market


Playeum @ Maker Faire Singapore

Are you bringing the very young children to Maker Faire? Playeum’s space at Maker Faire Singapore caters to children as young as 1 to explore and discover through Making, and is a snippet of what children can expect in the new Hideaways exhibition at the Children’s Centre for Creativity.


The hands-on activities invite children to explore, observe, construct, reflect, innovate and engage with nature and natural materials. Both Bug Hotel and Sheltered Hideaway will be ongoing continuously during Maker Faire Singapore

Playeum’s making activities explores insect habitats, both real and imagined. In celebration of the hands-on exhibition at Playeum’s Children’s Centre for Creativity at Gillman Barracks, Hideaways – Creating With Nature, children aged 1-12 can enjoy making a bug hotel and playing at being an insect in a constructed shelter.

Bug Hotel

Children are invited to make their own Bug Hotel using natural material provided. Bug Hotels are hollow structures created to attract a variety of insects. The hotel can be hung outside a window, and can be used as a vantage viewpoint to observe the small creatures, once they will have settled into it. $3/ child to cover the cost of materials

Sheltered hideaway

Using banana and palm leaves, fronds and other foliage, children can collaboratively help to decorate a simple standing structure made of bamboo sticks to create their own sheltered hideaway. Free