For students at Maker Faire Singapore

Are you a student or a school group visiting Maker Faire Singapore? Or a teacher looking for opportunities that the Maker movement offers for Education? Then, here are a few highlights that you should not miss.


Labs Central If you are on a time crunch, Labs Central will give you the best overview of the maker ecosystem in Singapore. From hobby makers to crafters, communities, organizations and institutes, these carefully selected group of makers will give you a great introduction to how the maker movement can influence your thinking, right from the very young.

At the young makers area, schools and families will be sharing their interactive projects. We are seeing an increasing number of young makers over the last few years, something that really heartens us. Here, teachers can drop in to find out how schools are embracing the maker culture. Parents can drop by to chat with other parents on how they incorporate Making into their everyday activities.

Interested in the role of technology in the maker movement ? From arduinos to IoT, robotics  and VR, at the techzone, you can find out how these tools can be effectively employed for projects.

Join the many free workshops happening during the Faire. Recommended for students are the many workshops happening as part of the developer track (Register at

Scratch + Makey Makey Learn to use Makey Makey and Scratch while appreciating how technology helps in creating a caring and loving living environment.

Creating an Arduino Robot Want to learn and harness the power of Electronics and Microcontrollers to create your first robot? This is the right course for you as we explore the powers of microcontroller programming and shield add-ons to control motors and read sensor inputs.

Intro Crashcourse for Hobbyists Ever wanted to learn how to get started on building interesting Arduino projects? This workshop aims to introduce the key concepts of microcontroller programming and basic electronics. No prior knowledge is required.

Hope Technik workshop (Details coming soon)

HackAble by Engineering Good Engineering Good’s HackAble workshop aims to engage participants in a hands-on learning experience to build low-cost, DIY assistive devices for persons with disabilities, while raising awareness about disabilities and how technology can enable and empower those with disabilities. The workshop will respond to the needs of disability organisations, and products made through it will be given to these organisations after the event.
At Maker Faire, participants will have an opportunity to make an adapted computer mouse that is suitable for people with disabilities.
Scratch and Tofu Piano In this short workshop, learn how to use capacitive sensing to turn regular blocks of tofu into “piano keys” that play sounds when touched.

Registration for the developers track is open at

Digigirlz by Microsoft (Details coming soon)

Register at:




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