Innovative Maker Projects by Raffles Girls School

Excited to showcase their interest for the upcoming year’s exhibition when they were told about the Maker Faire Singapore 2015, they started working on their project since March 2015 and was encouraged to sign up for the Maker Faire Singapore 2016. The two teams from Raffles Girls School (RGS) will be taking part in Maker Faire Singapore this year at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) to showcase their respective team’s project.

The participants from team RGS


As part of their Research Studies project, the two teams worked respectively on planning and coming up with a solution for their projects.

‘SMART Locker’

Benda, Pei Ying, Xiao Ran and Joy are the inventors in Group 1. Under the programme’s Smart School System division, the girls started out by coming up with an effective solution using technology, in which it is able to solve the problems faced by both the students and staff. As a team, they invented ‘SMART Locker’, to improve their schools locker security system.

The SMART locker is a relatively affordable assignment submissions solution to replace basic locker. Its essential features included in­built SMS­ notification and security systems.  To achieve all this, they made use of the Arduino microcontrollers, oneSheeld shield, various sensors/actuators and Grove starter kits (by seeedStudio).

Inspirations from their everyday life plays a part in their creation as they realise that people do face challenges on a regular basis and that is what they feel interested makers should gain to be able to create something innovative.

Take a look at their video!

SMART Locker Demonstration Video from Brenda Tay on Vimeo.

‘SMART Air-Conditioner System’

Tze Yee, Venice, Nicole and Ruth are the inventors in Group 2. In their case, it is about finding a solution in dealing with global warming as it has since been a rising problem. Together as a group, they spent a huge amount of time researching on their project, even away from their allocated project sessions so that they are able to come up with an effective solution to the problem.

Tinkering is something they engage with together most of the time to assist in building their ideas further.  Their project uses Arduino IDE software to automatically on-off air- conditioners based on people count and the surrounding temperature. This is applicable in places, which requires air-conditioning for example classrooms, offices and research labs.

Being able to come up with something beneficial for many, these girls feel that creativity and simplicity are one of the few crucial aspects of an innovative invention.

Now take a look at their video!

SMART Air-Conditioner System Video Clip from PH on Vimeo.

With their determination and passion in engineering, the two teams were able to overcome the challenges faced and created their own customised and functional systems. Do drop by Maker Faire Singapore 2016, 25th and 26th June to look at their intelligent creation up-front!

Post your Maker Faire Singapore photos with official Hashtag: #sgmakerfaire


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