Fun clay art by Ong Sze Sze

It is a joy to have known Sze Sze, an avid crafter/tinkerer, since a couple of years back when she first took part as a maker at one of our Maker Workshops and when I first interviewed her. It was the year 2014. This is now Sze Sze’s third year as a participating maker at Maker Faire Singapore. Read on to find out more about Sze Sze, her creative crafts and her thoughts on Maker Faire through our interview with her.

Can you give a brief introduction of yourself?

I am a digital creative by day with an insatiable appetite to create visual tidbits. Prior to crafting tangible playthings, I was very much into creating digital graphics. I relish in a vibrant array of clay figures and customized toys inspired by daily observations and popular culture. Some of these crafts feature iconic characters and structures of yesteryears.

What will you be showcasing?

I will be featuring a mix of cute clay figures and customised mini Lego figures! Even my display cases are handmade out of cardboards.


Having participated in Maker Faire for 3 years (starting with being a visitor in 2013), can you share with us what you like about it?

The fact that it’s like a huge gathering of people crafting or making quirky things. The gathering of such creative energy makes it very inspiring and motivating as an individual.

I had a blast in the first year I participated as a maker. I felt like a kid in a toy store – with the toy makers around! My brain felt like it was on steroids looking at all the experiments that other people are showing, and twirling with the possibilities of the products that some of the vendors are selling.

It was also a very beneficial experience to meet similar makers that kindly shared insights and advise on how to market my work, and provided opportunities to join their meet-ups.

I’m happy to just be at the Maker Faire Singapore to soak in the great vibes! I am looking forward to meeting more like minded people and get even more inspired to tinker with things that I don’t normally think of.

If asked for tips for new participating makers, what would you advise? 

This is a great opportunity to mingle with some of the brightest minds and very creative folks out there. Be open to talk a lot, and get inspired.

Depending on the nature of your works, be prepared to mingle with lots of kids too. Also get display cases to protect your works if they are fragile.

If possible, have your tools and raw materials on display. Visitors like to ask about them a lot! 

Interested to read her interview two years ago? Here’s a link for you. Do not miss the chance to meet Sze Sze in person and be amazed at her creativity. Check out her booth at Maker Faire Singapore that will be held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) on 25 & 26 June.


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