We went down to ICTLT 2016 which was held at Suntec City Singapore on 30th and 31st March 2016 to promote the Maker Faire and the Maker movement to the educator community through hands on activities.
Soldering station: This station certainly was filled with unexpected surprises for us! Having much more reach than we had anticipated, many teachers thoroughly enjoyed this station and kept coming back over the two days to try it again. We had only brought down two soldering stations but from the looks of the queue, we should have brought a lot more! Soldering being a new skill for many gave the teachers(even those who were apprehensive at first and didn’t want to try it) a chance to handle a soldering iron to solder a simple circuit. Many teachers went a step ahead to experiment with the PCB board( picture below) and the components to try out what other methods work besides the basic we showed them and came back many times over the course of the two days to try soldering again and again.
Paper Circuits: We brought down circuit templates that guides the participants to creating a circuit of their own by starting off working on a simple circuit and building up from there. Using just 3 components-copper tape, batteries and LEDs, many things were created by the teachers on a piece of paper.
We also brought along a handful of Makey Makey demonstrations. The teachers especially loved the piano and had fun playing around with the code.
ICTLT also proved to be a wonderful platform for us to promote Maker Faire Singapore to over 500 educators. Many teachers expressed interest to bring in their students for the Faire and some had students with wonderful projects which could be showcased during the Faire.
The response from the educators and the interest they displayed upon finding out about Maker Faire was wonderful.

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