Encouraging Handmade

Three years ago, Joyce Lim first took part as a participating maker in the Singapore Mini Maker Faire held at Senja-Cashew CC. It was the first year we had a maker who showcased tatting. To promote tatting, Joyce even went up the stage during our inaugural Nico Nico Gakkai quick presentation sessions hosted by Takasu Masakazu from teamLab. Last year, Joyce took part by conducting a workshop.

Clay Art, Paper Crafts and Handmade Jewellery

While Joyce is a cardmaker, jeweller and a tatter, we focused on her tatting expertise when we interviewed her two years ago. This year, let’s take a look at her other areas of craftsmanship, clay art, papercrafts and handmade jewellery, which she will be exhibiting at her booth.


Joyce was first exposed to clay art in Primary 1 through a common modelling material that most of us would be familiar with, plasticine. Later, she discovered polymer clay, and subsequently started taking clay modelling classes, learning from books and through a friend.


Besides clay art, Joyce also enjoyed papercrafts, starting from origami in childhood to washi papers later on in life, making pretty paper boxes and Japanese paper dolls. She also enjoyed rubber stamping and paper tole art, something that I personally enjoyed too!

To ensure the hobby is sustainable, Joyce started selling her artwork, and even consigned her cards to retail shops. Now, Joyce fully concentrates on customisation of corporate cards, wedding and other stationery.

Comparatively, jewellery making came later in life for Joyce, where she helped her aunt sell handmade earrings. Thereafter, she also started making her own jewellery which her mother helped to sell, garnering good responses which spurred her interest to further her craft, taking lessons to learn about metal clay and mixed metal, and opening more possibilities in terms of designs and materials.

Encouraging handmade gifts

Joyce’s interest for crafts stems from her love for books, stationery and cute items, as she fondly recalled her experience selling stationery at a college co-operative. In particular, she is drawn to bookmarks and cards, especially hand-made ones.

She shared that she once made a handmade farewell card for a colleague, and many years later, that colleague met a common friend of theirs and asked after her. A simple thought goes a long way!

As this year’s Maker Faire, Joyce would like to encourage people to make rather than buy, as gifts with a personal touch will accompany one down memory lane in life. Drop by her booth and get some inspirations for your next craft projects!

Maker Faire is unlike most of the markets I have participated. Other than experiencing the creative vibes I get to meet people from all walks of life, including new friends and an old acquaintance whom I thought I will never see again.” – Joyce Lim, Artisan


Thoughts about Maker Faire Singapore

When asked about Maker Faire Singapore, Joyce felt that it is unlike the rest of the markets she has participated in. Over the two years, she has met a few tatting fans whom she remained in contact with. It was also through contact with visitors to last year’s Maker Faire that prompted her to design her own children art class, following her experience last year to conduct clay art classes at primary school. This includes the make-and-take papercraft session, tatting, and clay art workshops Joyce will be introducing at her booth in the upcoming Maker Faire.

Excited to join in Joyce’s workshop at the upcoming Maker Faire Singapore 2016 (25 & 26 June) at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD)? Stay tuned to our workshop webpage for more info, or check out at Joyce’s website for the latest updates.


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