Can you see these stickers?

This year marks the 5th year that Singapore is organising our Mini Maker Faires and featured Maker Faires, and we are definitely looking forward to the exciting projects by our makers on 25 & 26 June at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). Starting with Mr Edmund Wee’s introduction, do stay tuned to our subsequent posts on other makers with very interesting projects.


Edmund Wee is a web designer from Singapore. He graduated from the School of Art, Design and Media at Nanyang Technological University, majoring in Interactive Media. As a maker, he dabbles with web technologies and builds websites.

Last year, Edmund took part in Maker Faire Singapore as a first-time participating maker and showcased his project, a geolocation-based travel app titled “Invisible Stickers” which is available at The app enables travellers to discover and geo-tag messages at their current location. Other travellers can see the messages when they are nearby. This works as a platform for travellers, nomads and backpackers to contribute their travel advice and recommendations.

Our team caught up with Edmund to learn more about this project.

How did you get started with “Invisible Stickers” and what were your inspirations?

The project started as a Final-Year-Project in university. But the inspiration came from a backpacking trip during my university days. To prepare for the trip, I browse some travel sites and guidebooks to collect my own travel information. During the backpacking trip, I received a lot of travel brochures and free maps. These travel information amount to something substantial so I thought, “What if these information can be “planted” at the different location for travellers to access?”.

Travellers can geotag messages at a location and others can access them when they are nearby. This would help other travellers too. After the trip and back in school, I started on my Final-Year-Project and decided to create an app for it.

How did you know of Maker Faire Singapore? Are you familiar with the Maker scene in Singapore? Do you want to share some views on it?

I know of Maker Faire Singapore through the Makers community. The Makers community is growing in Singapore. This shows that more projects are being created. But for the continuity and progress of these Maker projects, it will require more exposure, to test your creation and to get feedback.

How was your experience at Maker Faire Singapore last year?

It was my first time exhibiting at Maker Faire. The turn out was huge so it was good exposure. We received many feedbacks which we take into consideration. We also looked at what other maker’s creations as most of the time we are usually focused on our own project, so it is always refreshing to see what others are building.

What do you hope to see at this year’s Faire?

Last year’s turn out was very good. So I hope to see similar or even larger turn out for this year.

What tips would you give to someone who is keen to join as a maker as Maker Faire?

Don’t hide your creations. Turn up and the rest will follow.

Interested to find out more? Mark your calendar for 25 & 26 June and come by SUTD for an exciting weekend!

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