SCSA Teachers Workshop

Students are known to be more creative as compared to teachers when it comes to activities like making a toy. However, adults’ like teachers should not be discouraged by the creativity of their students when it comes to creating a toy or a design. It is a skill in which everyone can learn and develop at any point of time in their life.

Most teachers often see workshops like these as a refreshment course for them. Although they may be teaching for a long period of time, it has been quite a while since they sat in a class feeling like a ‘student’ again. One of the most amazing observations I had was to actually see teachers themselves being so engaged in the activities that they were tasked to do, especially working in groups together with teachers from various schools. The fact that they have the same interest shows how strong the interaction was among them, striving towards creating something which they would definitely want to bring back and show it to their students.

Here are some photos during the workshop.


The workshop was conducted to introduce teachers to exploring common tools and materials with some hands-on activities, leading to the annual Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) Competition. This year’s theme is ‘Rise and Shine’ and the teachers were taken through 2 activities in which one is linked to the other. It is to prepare the teachers and give them a rough idea on what is expected of the participants for the competition.

Some of the tools and materials that we brought along with us to the workshop are wooden blocks, cardboards and foam boards, glue guns, LEDs, playdoh, drill, soldering iron and wooden sticks. We introduced to them various tools and materials as we wanted them to learn and familiarise themselves with the tools. We believe that it is a good way in getting them to use the tools to build further on their creativity, thus bringing the experience back to their students.

It was also a pleasant sight to see the teachers using the tools provided for them as it shows the creativity they had to make their toy.

Here are photos of a few of the teachers using the tools provided.

Before they were given the time to start making, an example was shown to get them started on forming their ideas. One observation made was that the teachers are detailed in their creation. While some made the toy in an interesting and attractive way, majority on the other hand make it a point to create a toy with a goal for the children to achieve.

Here are two short videos of the teachers sharing what they have done.

If you are interested for updates and information on the Sony Creative Science Award (SCSA) Competition, click here.

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