Pop-Up Makerspace at Junyuan Secondary School

The Pop-Up Makerspace was a 2-day weekend event held at Junyuan Secondary School, in conjunction with the yearly Bursary Awards Ceremony. The idea of organising a Pop-Up Makerspace during the ceremony was to introduce the Maker Mindset to students and families. Some may not have heard of ‘Making’ while others would be more interested to learn more about it, especially when there are hands-on experiences provided for them to work on projects at the various booths.

Students were encouraged to participate in the activities hosted by the various booths where they explored learning, Science, tech, and craft in innovative and experiential ways. Playeum was one of the hosts for the activities. Parents and kids work on the art of speed booth, creating their own wheeled-gadget. The activity was very open ended, encouraging creativity.


Playeum’s booth complemented the space by Imagin8ors, and many kids walked over to motorize their wheeled gadgets.


Annabel, a polymer clay artist and Priyanka, a paper quilling artist taught families about low tech making. Participants gained basic knowledge of different crafts.


We had brought in the WaterColorBot, previously showcased at the Hour of Code. Students were very interested in the robot as they are able to paint the image that they want, knowing that is operated through the WaterColorBot that is being controlled by an Arduino and three motors. Many of the parents were wowed, especially when we shared that the WaterColorBot was the brainchild of a ten-year-old. We were glad that sharing the WaterColorBot made visitors to the space think deeper on how such products are being invented and thus broadens their imagination through the brainstorming of ideas.


And then there were goodies! Participants to the space got to bring home a Google Cardboard (VR Google Kit) that they could develop for.



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