Yarnbombing @ Maker Faire Singapore 2015

One year ago, yarnbombing (street art using yarn to temporarily cover/ colour an area) was started as a community project at the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014. A community of about 10-20 came together and yarnbombed Science Centre Singapore, including the dinosaur display right in front of its lobby. The yarnbombing continued at Senja-Cashew CC where the event was held and the yarnbombers wrapped a huge pillar at the event venue with beautiful granny squares assembly. Each of the yarnbombers also took turn to leave some thoughts on making on that beautiful community artwork.

Since then, the yarnbombers have moved on to create more projects, including the recent “This is Our Home Exhibition” in conjunction with SG50. Yarnbombers came together to crochet and knit 50 dolls representative of diverse Singapore, against the familiar backdrop of flats built by our Housing Development Board (HDB). They collected 70 dolls in the end. The dolls are a mix of different races and gender, and even two NSmen! There are cars, cats an cacti all made from yarn.

11731770_839962062748275_4421350003129075381_oThis year, the yarnbombers, led by Mona, Yaney and Tianyun, are also going to yarnbomb the Maker Faire Singapore venue at 15 Tampines Street 11. Join them for their yarnbombing session from 11am to 3pm (11 July) at the Pink Room on Level One, and wrap structures like bicycle stand and benches. The group intend to use 12” x 12” granny squares (yarn square pieces made by crocheting or knitting) like the previous year, so if you crochet or knit, you are invited to make your own at home and bring down to the yarnbombing session. Everyone can then chip in to assemble the pieces and give a new look to the structures at the venue!

For the uninitiated, you can also look forward to learn crocheting fundamentals at the session, or make pom-pom to fluff up the yarnbombed structure! Visitors can either bring these makes home, or hang them up at the yarnbombing area. If you have 8ply yarn at home and 4 or 4.5mm crochet hook, do bring them along and join in the session! Else, there will be some yarn and spare needles available for a hands-on experience too! Or if you are an avid photographer, this will definitely be a sight to behold and capture! Come join us to capture this either on camera or as colourful memories!


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