Zentangle, Digital fabrication and medieval crafts – A conglomerate of different making all in one booth!

Medieval theme seems to be popular this year. Earlier, we learnt that one of the makers under ArtScienceMuseum-OneMakerGroup Team are showcasing a series of tree medieval-themed activities. Now, we learnt that our veteran maker, David Liew from Bluestone Arts (comprising of David’s illustration, 3D bottleworks and cake works business) has assembled a group of new makers to participate in this year’s Maker Faire Singapore, and medieval crafts is one of them. Let’s check out what other makers Bluestone Arts has brought together.

Introduction of Makers

  • The Sleeping Iron Foundry – Though a regular at our past Mini Maker Faires, David Liew has taken up a different role to gather fellow makers to come together for a collective showcase.
  • MY Zentangle – A doctor by day but an artist at all times, Mabel Yap is a Certified Zentangle Trainer who will be offering beautiful ZIA (Zentangle-inspired Art) crafts.
  • Steammetry – Steammetry is a learning space that encourages the curious mind to experience STEAM through digital fabrication.
  • Medieval Craft – Be introduced to the fantasy world of medieval sword fighting and dressup.  A newcomer to the scene, Medieval Craft explores the art of making and crafting your own equipment for the Live Action Roleplaying!


David shared with us that the group will be showcasing maker art objects and displays of equipment for the medieval craft. Here are some photos for a sneak preview!

Here are some craft pieces from MY Zentangle. According to Mabel, Zentangle is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. One look at her work, and I found myself intrigued by the beauty of it.

Zentangle bookmarks

Zentangle bookmarks

Steammetry conducts workshops on digital fabrication, and here are some of their work.


Digital fabricated rings

Lastly, the Medieval Craft community will be displaying their self-crafted medieval equipment and costumes. In fact, they will be organising a medieval costumes stage performance at 1pm on 12 July, so don’t miss that out if you are interested!

Medieval equipment and costumes

Medieval equipment and costumes


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