Glass painting at Art Lace Studio

Next, we introduce Ichchha Walimbe from Art Lace Studio who will be showcasing her glass painted projects.


Maker Faire Singapore (MFS): Can you share with us your background?

Ichchha: My background is in Interior Designing, and I worked as an Interior Designer for ten years until 2000. I have a passion for colours since childhood, and picked up sketching and drafting techniques during my professional work. I use my sense of colours and basic drawing skills in the glass painting that I do. I am inspired by nature, particularly flowers. I love flowers and like to observe their details and variations in colours. Flowers have a pleasant effect on our minds. I try to relay the same message through my creations.

My glass painting journey began in 2005 with couple of bottles of colours making gift articles for friends and relatives. Later some of my friends convinced me to participate in various fairs and start selling online. That is when I decided to reach the outside people and started active participation in fairs from 2014.

Traditionally, glass paints are used to colour any glass object but I have developed my own method to make flowers using glass paint and resins etc. I make my own hand painted jewellery accessories using a variety of materials. I make items that can be used/worn in your daily life which in other words means ‘an art in your day-today life’.

MFS: What will you be showcasing?

SAKURA_1111Ichchha: I will be showcasing hand painted tea light holders, coasters, key chains, home deco accessories and our special jewellery. Our special jewellery includes hand painted glass beads and flower jewellery. Some designs to mention for flower jewellery will be ‘Canna’, ‘Jasmin’, ‘Hibiscus’, ‘Frangipani’ and special ‘Sakura’ or ‘Cherry Blossom’ flower. I worked very hard to make the Cherry Blossom flowers but ultimately the pleasure was overwhelming. My products are smaller in size. Visitors to my booth will have to observe carefully to notice the detail work in smaller objects. I will also be displaying a cabinet door sample with hand painted glass. The ply at the back side of the glass can be dismantled. You can remove the ply and insert various background coloured/textured paper behind the glass. Every time you change the background, the cabinet will have a different look. I will be giving a demonstration on glass painting at the booth and providing small samples to those who want to try their hand in painting.

MFS: You have started glass painting in 2005. What or who inspired you to start then?

 Ichchha: Yes, somewhere around that time when I was walking through an art shop when I came across few glass paints. I had never used glass paints before that so I decided to try the colours. My first trial was with a couple of colours. As I became a master in using those colours, I started using them more creatively. So I will say curiosity was my inspiration.

MFS: You have a wide range of glass painted products, including tealight holders, jewellery etc. Is there a piece of work or project that you have done which is most memorable to you?

Ichchha: This will include a pair of yellow and red tea-light holders, a pair of earring with vibrant flowers, and

One of the most memorable project was the special Cherry Blossom flowers. Cherry Blossom flowers are not glass. Glass will make it very heavy and moulding the shape of petals using glass will be extremely difficult. I experimented on many different materials and correct method to bring that transparency in my product. It took me almost 2 months’ time to find the correct method and material for desired effect. For flower jewellery, I use glass paints and resins with some other trace materials. Resin and glass paints have curing time of at least 12 hrs. So you need proper mould to hold the colours and resin in place and retain the shape. I had to experiment a lot to develop a technique. It was a milestone for me to develop this new technique. So these products are really memorable for me. Cherry blossom flowers were particularly difficult  because of their small details, concave shape.

T_LIGHT_MAAD_copyAnother smaller project which is also memorable would be the ted and yellow tea-light holder. Red, yellow, orange, pink go very well with the light, creating quite a dramatic overall effect. I think it is the best tea light holder among all tea lights I have so far made.

MFS: How did you know of Maker Faire Singapore? Is this your first time participating? What do you hope to achieve from taking part in the Maker Faire?

Ichchha: I heard about Maker Faire from one of my friends last year. I will be participating for the first time. It is a good opportunity to showcase your work to a bigger audience, to see what other participants are making and to learn from them. There are very few such opportunities in Singapore. So Maker Faire Singapore is doing a good job.

MFS: Are you familiar with the Maker scene in Singapore? Do you want to share some views on it?

Ichchha: The concept of making is more limited to digital and technology. The love for handmade crafts should be encouraged.


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