3D scanning, printing and playing – All with Volunex Solution Group

3DSpinThere are several 3D printing showcases this year, and we checked in with YK to find out more about one of the groups, Volunex Solution Group that comprises of Volunex, 3Dspin, Mipox and Filalab.

YK shared with us that the solution group covers instant scan, instant print and instant play, where the static printed figurines would be captured in motion via their portable/desk animation machine known as 3DSpin. Here is a YouTube video which will explain better how it works.


Interesting, isn’t it? It resembles a zoetrope, a pre-film animation device that produces the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings or photographs showing progressive phases of that motion. However, this uses 3D printed objects.

Besides the 3Dspin, Volunex will also be displaying “Selfie in Motion”, Fibonacci related 3Dprinted animation, and an instant 3D animation of a fighter jet that can transform into a robot right in front of our eyes. Visitors to the booth will also get to try out 3D printing pens, and bring back 3D prints too!

Check out Volunex Solution Group’s showcase at Maker Faire Singapore this weekend!


One response to “3D scanning, printing and playing – All with Volunex Solution Group

  1. Awesome, thanks for the post. here is the new link that was displayed at the maker faire. https://youtu.be/rOhEIF7Grao

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