Scrapbook your own cards!

This is probably the second time that we have a scrapbook artist who is showcasing her work at Maker Faire Singapore or our previous Singapore Mini Maker Faires. Here’s an introduction on Madeline from Stochastic Elegance.

How she started crafting

1Madeline shared that she has always wanted to give presents that carried meaning and personal touches rather than just for the sake of having a gift. Crafting was her solution to that as it allowed her to give personalised tokens of appreciations. Madeline started crafting since 2009. She was exploring making a handmade planner for a friend when she chanced upon beautiful scrapbooking works, inspiring her to research online tutorials and begin her crafting spree. This grew into a burning passion and almost became an addiction. She makes various types of cards, from the standard single folds and the more complex bookcards. Madeline shared that she is currently exploring more dimensional designs which includes the accordion albums and windowed cards.

3With the modern society becoming more busy, personalized gifts are slowly becoming a rare sight. Madeline aims to bring back the joy of receiving a customised and unique gift and set up Stochastic Elegance to help people customise gift cards for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings and anniversaries. At the Maker Faire Singapore, she will be showcasing different kinds of cards that one can easily make without the need for complicated instruments, expensive materials or a landslide of accessories.

“We love to create things from scratch, so this also means creating our own background and embellishments.” – Madeline

Learning about Maker Faire Singapore

Madeline found out about Maker Faire Singapore through friends she met at the few flea markets she has taken part in. As she is new to the maker scene, she is looking forward to attend the Maker Faire and find out more about the maker movement in Singapore.

She also observed that the modern society had made everything digitised and reduced the appreciation level for hand-made cards. Through her participation as a workshop facilitator, Madeline hopes to help fellow crafters rekindle their passion towards hand-made wares, especially in cards.

If you are considering to make your own hand-made cards, do check out Madeline’s booth at Maker Faire Singapore!


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