Check out this DIY Electronic Drum and Motorcycle Security Kit

We have a couple of Indonesian makers taking part in Maker Faire Singapore this year. Our next maker introduction is on the “Motorcycle Security Kit” and “DIY Drum” projects and the organisation behind them (SMART Lab Programme). Let’s find out more.

About SMART Lab Programme

SMART Lab Program is a University partnership program between USAID and Sampoerna University (Putera Sampoerna Foundation) with support from Intel Indonesia Corporations, New York Hall of Science, Tufts University and Komunitas Robot Indonesia. The main goal of this program is to improve STEM learning and teaching in high school level in Indonesia through establishing four model schools, preparing 500 STEM teachers and inspiring 6,000 students. The students participating in this program is high school students in four model schools and additonally from non-model schools that have been intervened by STEM teachers which the SMART lab has trained and prepared. The program activities are focusing on intracurricular ones (Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Project-based Learnings) and extracurricular/after-school-hour ones (Making, Arduino/robotic, and Lego Mindstorms activities).

About the projects

2Motorcycle Security Kit is a product designed and created by Andritama, a student from SMAN 10 Malang (one of the SMART Lab’s model schools) together with his uncle. The project came about in view of the rise in motorcycle thefts in Indonesia, and Andritama and his uncle hope to prevent such incidents from happening with the help of this kit. They also hope to create greater awareness of this kit through their participation in the Maker Faire Singapore.

The kit has also been tested in Malang, one of the major cities in the central part of Indonesia, and the University/Programme is currently looking for industries/companies that might be able to support the improvement of this kit for sale.

photo 2DIY Drum, on the other hand, is a more fun project. The maker, Zil Ikram, is one of the Sampoerna University students who majored in computer game technology and he has been working on the project since December 2014. It has been on Zil’s wishlist to own an electronic drum kit. However it costs a lot, and Zil aspired to source for alternative options to make one with lower costs. He began researching online, and  found interesting ideas to make a homemade electronic drum where he even had to build his own electronic drum module using a virtual drum software and a USB game pad. This was a good substitute for an actual electronic drum module which would have cost him $1000. Zil also used recycled materials such as lunch boxes, PVC pipes and unused plywood to build the rest of the drum parts.

By joining the Maker Faire Singapore, Zil aspired to share his idea with others, to get to know other makers and to get more ideas for future projects.

If you are keen to learn how Andritama and Zil made the Motorcycle Security Kit and the DIY Drum, do check out their booth next weekend!

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