Bikes 4 Fun – A unique bike making experience

“We are bicycle builders from BIKES4FUN. We turn old bicycles into new inventions and have a collection of over 50 bicycle contraptions. We have bike blenders to make smoothies, bike generators to pedal for power, bike mowers to keep the lawns tidy and upcycled bicycles to keep the earth happy. We make bicycles from almost anything and everything and more importantly, we want to show you how to do it for yourself.”

Bikes 4 Fun started in 2006 when the team started collecting unique homemade bicycles. They became a full-fledged business when they started making bicycles themselves while based in New Zealand. Currently, Bikes 4 Fun are now operating out of their workshop in Kaki Bukit and will be in Singapore for the next two years before they bring our bicycles on an international tour again.

Most Memorable Project

Bikes 4 Fun shared that their most memorable project was the Horse Bike. This is what it looks like.

The Horse Bike

Photo Credit: Bikes 4 Fun

“It was made by chance as we were tinkering with the wheel hub. Every wheel hub on a bicycle is at the centre of the wheel. While building our own spokes for the wheel, we wanted to discover the effect it would have on the bicycle if the hub was off-centre. It resulted in a bicycle that moves with an incredible bounce as the wheels rotate around an off-centre axis. Well, thousands of kids in New Zealand and Singapore have made it their favourite bicycle and we have affectionately named it the Horse Bike due to the gallop effect.” – Mo, Bikes 4 Fun

Advice for New Bicycle Builders

We also asked Mo what advice he would give to new bicycle builders, and he said the first thing to do would be to look at their old bicycles first before looking to buy a new one. At Bikes 4 Fun, they believe that a bicycle can be given a wonderful makeover using simple tools available at every hardware store, such as $2 aerosol spray paints to give their bikes a new look. A small step it might seem, this could potentially lead to more great ideas.

They acknowledged that not everyone would have a flair with mechanical stuffs or be skilled in welding. Yet, these should not deter one from fiddling with new bicycle ideas as sometimes the most amazing ideas require the simplest tools. Change the way of thinking and ask the “Why Not?” question. It could be a change of seat, handle, pedals with non-conventional or recycled items!

About the Maker Movement

Bikes 4 Fun is new to the Maker Faire, but they voiced their whole-hearted support for the Maker movement.

‘We truly believe that makers coming together can inspire others especially children to cultivate the habit of “making” rather than “buying”, for the former is truly more meaningful.’ – Mo, Bikes 4 Fun

From Bikes 4 Fun website, I can see many more unique bikes that they have made. If you are keen to check out Bikes 4 Fun, do come by Maker Faire Singapore on 11 & 12 July 2015 at 15 Tampines Street 11.

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