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Leather card wallet and Coin purse by Phoebe Na

Phoebe Na from Barangshop will be conducting workshops on how to work with leather. Join her to learn about Handcutting of leather, snap setting, initials embossing. All materials and tools are provided.

Leathercard wallet workshop:
11th July, 2pm-3.30pm
Cost: $25
Register on site or by emailing

Coin Purse workshop
12th July, 1.15pm-2.45pm
Cost: $30
Register on site or by emailing


Upcycled Lifestyle Product workshop by Susan Ong of the Bunglin Tinker

Each participant gets to make a customised lifestyle item of their choosing with the available myriad range of materials that are harvested &/or treated from a variety of expendable materials.

Tools are provided for use.
Date: 11th July 2015
Time: 11.15am-12.00nn
Cost: $25/Participant
Register by contacting the maker:

Paper gift bag and Origami workshop

Learn to make colorful ribboned paper gift bags for all occasions. Now you can make your own gift bags at home for that perfect wedding or birthday present!  Also learn basics of origami with a tiny paper dress or shirt.


Cost: $10/ participant
Register at
Sunday, 12th July, 10.30am-11.15am

Have you seen these barang-barang?

Phoebe is a second-time participating maker. I recalled Phoebe’s booth being very crowded last year as many checked out her handcrafted leather items, the on-the-spot workshops, and the “barang-barang” (“Things” in the Malay language) she was selling. I also found myself drifting back to her booth again and again (also manned by Phoebe’s mother and son, a helpful young boy), and eventually I bought an awl which I wanted to use for bookbinding. Unfortunately, I’ve not embarked on my bookbinding project yet.

Mini Shoe Workshop in progress at Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014 (Photo: Barang Shop)

Mini Shoe Workshop in progress at Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014 (Photo: Barangshop)

How it all started

Phoebe shared that she has been making all kinds of crafts and stuff ever since she was 4 years old and started selling them as young as eleven! She has a love for making and have tried many crafts and hobbies, including pottery and woodworking. She is also a shoemaking trainer at (The Academy of Fashion Professions). Wow!

However, at this stage in life, her focus is on designing and making jewellery, shoes, bags and accessories, creating DIY patterns for sale and conducting workshops. Like last year, Phoebe’s booth will showcase her handcrafted items, some patterns and supplies for DIY fans.

Joining Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2014

Phoebe told us that she actually saw the promotional poster for the Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2013 after the event, so she made up her mind then to take part as a Maker in 2014.

Phoebe’s recap of her experience – “It was an interesting 2014 as we saw many who were interested in making their own leathergoods. Hope to see more this year who would try out shoe making as well  with our new shoemaking kit to be launched at Maker Faire Singapore 2015.”

Like last year, Phoebe hope to raise the public’s appreciation of handmade products and also encourage people to DIY. It’ll be interesting to check out the shoemaking kit!

Thoughts about the Maker Movement in Singapore

Phoebe felt that in the not-so-distant past, most people viewed handmade/homemade as cheap and poor quality as they are made “by hand”. People perceived machine-made items to be of “good” quality. Now, more and more people realise and appreciate that handcrafted items can actually be better as opposed to factory-made. There is value added for artisan made products. And this in turn stimulates more interest in people to be makers too. We may have a long way to go in comparison to the USA or Australia, but we are strolling our way there.

Want to check out Phoebe’s Barangshop booth at Maker Faire Singapore this year? Make your way to 15 Tampines Street 11 on 11 and 12 July! Barangshop can also be found online at

Tic Tac Chope – Sewing workshop

Kids Workshop 2 CHOPE! Tissue Holder

Tic-Tac-CHOPE! Tissue Holder (Beginner Level)

11th July, 2pm-3.30pm Register at!store/c1079

For most Singaporeans, the tissue pack has an additional function other than to clean one’s mouth after a meal: to chope (reserve) seats with. Nowhere else in the world is the tissue pack used for such a purpose except in Singapore. Why not celebrate this unique practice of ours by sewing a distinctive ‘chope already’ tissue holder, where the flip side is a tic-tac-toe grid where you can play the game with your friend while waiting for your food at a kopitiam?

This is a beginner sewing workshop: no prior sewing experience needed. Suitable for children (9 years and above) and adults.

Sewing workshop by Gladys of Hangmade by Gladys

IMG_20150424_202718 IMG_20150212_155736

Particpants will learn how to make a small owlet from precut fabric. End product will be either a pin cushion, paper weight or bag charm (choice of participants). Sizes of owlets will be about 4 or 6cm in height.

11th July, 12.15pm-1.45pm Register
12th July, 11.30am-1.00pm Register

Art Jam with Annabel and Sebastian

Art Jam

Pre register at

Craft in the City – by POPIN

POPIN Craft The City project  sample

11th July, 4pm-7pm
12th July, 3pm-6pm
Free. No pre-registration required.

Craft the City, POPIN’s community art project for 2015, invites everyone to contribute to building a miniature cityscape. The elements in the cityscape could be inspired by real places in our surroundings or from memories. They could also be completely imaginary- a creative take of what you associate with the city or things you hope to see in the city.

There will be craft gatherings open to the public to make little building blocks using a variety of crafttechniques including: painting on wooden blocks, cut¬out cardboard constructions and sewn embellishment on felt blocks. We hope the public will enjoy the slow process of crafting as well as the creativity and interaction that happens during the gatherings.

Yarnbomb Maker Faire Singapore 2015

Learning to crochet, kids learn about creating with yarn, yarnbomb benches and some of the other fixtures. Conducted by YarnbombersSG
Saturday, 11th July, 11am-3pm. Suitable for 12 and above. Pre-register at


Tatting Workshop at Maker Faire Singapore 2015

Learn Handmade Lace12th July 2015, 10am-3pm. Please contact for details