Making as a family

1. The Nah family

Wee Yang and his family will be showcasing some simple “weekend projects” that the children or teenagers can do using some common household items and tools mostly made by his children who are 13 and 14 years old.


2. The Curic family

Anjali, Sophia and  their parents Make as a family. They have been introduced to making since they were 4 years old. The girls are curating their own booth this time around.

The girls say : ““We would like to share and teach pottery and book making, as well as some of the other Maker stuff that we do in our home Makerspace. People visiting our booth will learn how to make pottery using clay and a home made pottery wheel, gt some inspiration on how to make their own pottery wheel. They will also learn how to bind and make their own books.”

10660156_10153329966658291_291187924640245304_n (2)

3. Elda 

Elda and her son Make together to bring Jurek’s ideas and imgination come true. As for her workshop:
Visitors will be able to start their Maker journey by making a simple craft.
They will be able to explore the materials available and the tools at their disposal. After which they will be able to start making something right there and then.
They can personalize a notebook, a mirror, or a treasure box.
The purpose of the boot is to get everybody that passes by the possibility to be a maker.


4. The Know What’s OK (KWOK) Family
Members of the Kwok family will be showcasing and sharing their DIY projects on Art & Craft, Arduino, Robotics, Quad-copters and 3D-printing. Discover how you and your family members can have fun by learning and tinkering together.

Untitled 5

5. Makers of Temasek
Exciting projects through Learning in Fun & Engaging ways done by staff, students & even parents!

6. Singapore Homeschoolers group

Homeschoolers exhibit their science projects. Science craft bags also available for purchase of $2 each, with funds raised towards the Queenstown Library Community Garden.



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