Come with your family and learn together at Maker Faire Singapore!

Maker Faire Singapore offers a plethora of opportunities for families to work and learn together. Here are a few of these experiences:

1. Play with paper circuits How can electronic components be combined with conductive tape to add an additional dimensionality to your works of art – join this exciting combination of art, craft and engineering to find out more. Paper 1 2. Shrinky Plastic – Design your own keychains

What happens to plastics when you heat them? Well, different things really, depending on the type of plastics. make jewellery and ornaments with plastics and maybe learn a  bit about recycling while you are at it. pp

3. Fun with Soldering Learn to solder: Whether you are making metal sculptures or making amplifiers, soldering is an essential skill to pick up. soldering

4. String Art What can do you with paper and string? Turns out you can learn a lot about mathematics and art. So try some string art! Snapchat-3267474600292017448 (2)

5. Legos out of cardboard? They are legos, but they are made out of cardboard. Come along and play with some cardboard blocks. Make a statue, or maybe a throne for yourself

. ST_20141027_XROBOT27BOX_771196e Photo Courtesy : Straits Times

6. Sewing with electronics Learn to sew with conductive thread kjbsjfiwuefh

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