Make a microscope this SMMF 2014

Do you want to make and have your own microscope? Akbar from Hackteria will be teaching you the mechanics and the inner workings of making this microscope in the workshop. You can also buy the kit and make one yourself there! Join us and have fun playing with microscope! The microscope you make can be used to view fabrics and even plant cells.

Date: 26th July 2014
Time: 4.30-5.45pm
Cost $25/ person (And you get to take back the microscope)
Register at Payment to be made on site.


Introduction of speaker, Nur Akbar Arofatullah
Akbar is the Co-founder of Lifepatch, a citizen initiative in Art, Science and Technology, which is part of the Hackteria network. Akbar also works as a researcher in Universitas Gadjah Mada, Department of Biotechnology, Laboratory of Microbiology, focusing on agricultural research.


After attending a workshop held by Hackteria to make a webcam microscope in the Laboratory of Microbiology, Faculty of Agriculture, Gadjah Mada University (UGM) in Yogyakarta., Akbar decided to make one himself when he saw that the body of the microscope in the laboratory was damaged. The result was a reinvented DIY Webcam Microscope with a casing that allows fine-tuning of the focusing on the microscope samples. Akbar holds many webcam microscope workshops in Indonesia, Yogyakarta, from kindergarten to Senior High Schools. He advocates learning among the young through building and experimenting. He has also made many other affordable laboratory equipment including a Gel Electrophoresis Box, Temperature Logger, Laminar Flow hood, Magnetic Stirrer, Vortex Mixer and Horizontal Shaker.


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