Immerse yourselves in the Maker culture and find out about opportunities for Makers

Photo Credit: Elda Webb

HAYSTAKT: Commercializing products at crowd-determined prices (Booth, Presentation)

We’d like to present to makers and potential makers how anyone can commercialize their products through our Crowdpricing platform.

Glints: How to Sell as a Founder (Workshop)

When it comes to running a business, selling and growth hacking is arguably the one skillset closest to keeping lifeblood of the company running. Yet for such a vital skill, it is almost unbelievable how many opposing dogmas there are, and more importantly, how many founders actually neglect it.

Based on more than $1 million and 12 years of research, the SPIN selling strategy is one of the most research-backed sales methodologies. More than being rigorously-tested, it is also the gateway to a customer-centric approach to product development.

This workshop will teach you the actionable core of this strategy, as well as various growth hacking tactics.

Masakazu Takasu: How to Make Education by Technology and Art (Presentation)

My name:Masakazu Takasu this crazy japanese fab-geek and Maker/Tech enthusiast. I’m a maker from japan. I love [Make:]

“How to Make Education by Technology and Art.”

Technology and arts can making a lot of fun.

Fun is most important for children growth.

It is not only fun, but also Kickstart to growth of children!

Let us use technology and art for education.

Yes,We Can!

Elda Maria Webb Vargas: The Curious Design Network (Booth, Workshop)

Hands on workshop to apply Design thinking methodologies in your projects.

Sustainable Living Lab: Making a Sustainable Future via a Kampung Culture (Booth, Presentation)

Singapore’s first Makerspace, Sustainable Living Lab, will be presenting a variety of maker projects in the domain of food, water, waste and energy. Come make with us!


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