Do you sell the things you make?

While some pursue “making” purely as a hobby, others consider starting a sustainable business. At this year’s Singapore Mini Maker Faire, a youth entrepreneur speaker shares his views on starting a sustainable business and product development and validation – Looi Qin En.

The speaker

Qin En is dedicated to accelerate business growth through best practices, knowledge and a pair of hands. He enjoys working with startups to catalyse growth, and believe that brand & marketing is vital to success. He will be enrolling in Stanford University in Fall 2014.

Qin En

Qin En

The presentation and workshop

Qin En shared with us that this would be the second time that he conducts a talk on business sustainability (the first was back at his alma mater, Hwa Chong Institute to a 800-strong crowd of youths), but the product validation workshop is novel, hence it would be pretty interesting to see how it would be run. From what we heard, participants would actually be required to walk the streets of Orchard Road to get customer feedback!

Curious about Qin En’s motivation? He shared that he would like to champion action-oriented entrepreneurship, to call for action rather than mere discussion. He will be co-delivering the presentation and workshop with two other friends Oswald and Ying Cong who are passionate about the same cause, and will be sharing their own experiences running an online apparel enterprise and an intern matching programme. Want to know more about Qin En? Check out his website.

If you are someone who wants to take action and experience entrepreneurship, regardless of whether you have your own business idea to start with, Qin En would like to encourage you to attend this presentation on “Starting a Sustainable Business to Sell Your Product” (27 July, 4 – 5pm) and a workshop on “Developing & Validating a Product which Customers Are Willing to Pay For” (27 July, 5 – 6.30pm). Curious enough? If you are, check out the pre-registration site here.

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