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The Mini Maker Faire in Singapore started in 2012, but the local maker movement started at grassroots level before that. There are groups like the Hackerspace, Sustainability Learning Lab (SL2), Handmade Movement Singapore, and probably others that we were not so familiar with.

Are you a maker? If you are not already making as part of a bigger community, you might be someone who makes things on your own, without knowing that there is a bigger community out there, or because you simply prefers doing it solo.

For those who would like to meet up with fellow like-minded makers, you might be pleased to learn that during this year’s Singapore Mini Maker Faire, we will also be holding a Maker Forum that allows all makers, tinkerers, hackers, crafters, artists, and DIYers to come together for an evening of conversation and socialising.


William Hooi (Forum facilitator)

The forum will be facilitated by William Hooi, a research mentor in Science Centre Singapore, who is actively involved in our local maker scene, having spearheaded several initiatives such as the regular Makers Meetup held at Hackerspace, and the activities under Hackimedia Singapore.

Invited speakers will cover a variety of subjects from cosplay costume-making to community tinkering (full list below).

  • Bunnie Huang (Why Singapore is better than the US for hardware Makers)
  • James Chan & team (Get Hacking, Singapore –
  • Veera & Ibnur ( Community tinkering at SL2)
  • Jason Koh (Makers in cosplay pop-culture)
  • Liyana Sulaiman (Founder, Girls in Tech –encouraging ladies to geek out)
Speakers for the Maker Forum
Andrew 'bunnie' Huang

Andrew ‘bunnie’ Huang

bunnie loves hardware. He loves to make it, and to break it; he loves the smell of it. His passion for hardware began in elementary school, and since then he has garnered a PhD at MIT in EE, and has designed nanophotonic silicon chips, wireless radios, consumer electronics, robotic submarines, and other things. He believes hardware is delightful in part because there are no secrets in hardware; you just need a better microscope. Likewise, he is a proponent of open source hardware, and is an active contributor to the ecosystem. At chumby, he designed several open source hardware platforms, some of which had found its way to the shelves of retailers around the world. bunnie is also an educator; he serves as a Research Affiliate for the MIT Media Lab, technical advisor for several hardware startups and MAKE magazine, and shares his experiences manufacturing hardware in China through his blog. He currently lives in Singapore.


Jason Koh

Jason Koh, better known by his online handle Crimson, is a cosplayer, costume maker and pop-culture event organizer.His love affair with cosplay and costume making began more than a decade ago, when he was an intern at cable TV channel AXN. Since then, he has made numerous award winning props and costumes, and his cosplay has been featured around the world. He specializes in making armor costumes from popular computer and video games out of foam and common household materials, and shares his knowledge on his blog at

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Veera is the Kampung Tinkerer and co-founder at the Sustainable Living Lab. Trained officially as a mechanical engineer, he spent his formative years being a general nightmare around the house by taking apart (and not always putting together) all kinds of stuff and starting new organizations in LAN gaming, credit card marketing, competition planning, tinkering and sports. He is listed on several biomedical device patents and has built solar cars, wind turbines, EEG headsets and agricultural drying equipment. Being in land-strapped Singapore but wishing to have a garagelike all inventors had in Hollywood movies led him to start the Sustainable Living Lab which is Singapore’s first (and so far, only) Makerspace. Having had a strong interest in combining technology with development work, he also co-founded the Humanitarian Engineering Alliance.

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A community-oriented ground-up innovator at Ground-UpInitiative, Ibnur believes in innovation, governance and learning from Nature. He has worked on biochip nanofabrication and ‘invisibility cloaks’. He has also developed prototypes such as a tap sensor, antennas, filters, fruit dryers and a very cool water roller. At the Housing and Development Board, he worked on vertical greening and rainwater harvesting. In 2009, he lived and studied at Silicon Valley. He worked at Zong, studying mobile payments, social networks and multiplayer games. He then returned to Singapore to help refine innovation at Ministry of Home Affairs. His teams have won the Daimler-UNESCO Mondialogo Engineering Award for appropriate solutions in rural India, Challenge:Future for an innovation platform prototype, and EDB-BETA for designing a health platform for 2030. He also represented Singapore at the ASEAN Youth Forum on Innovation and Creativity (AYFIC). Having done field assessments at villages in Vietnam, India, Indonesia & Cambodia, he now co-leads the Humanitarian Engineering Alliance (HEAL) and the Sustainable Living Lab (SL2), a tech-driven social enterprise in the Ground-Up Initiative ecosystem.

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Liyana is an avid supporter of digital media and technology. She was one of a select few chosen participate in the NUS – MDA overseas Silicon Valley program where she worked on product development for technology startups Qik (Skype acquired) and Burpple. In her spare time she enjoys working on developing new technologies involving 3D food printing and smart electronics, the latter of which she has submitted a paper for ACM CHI 2012. Liyana has also written on ICT for education and economic empowerment as part of her final year thesis.  Her passion is to raise awareness for technology, especially for women which she currently does as the Managing Director of Girls in Tech Singapore, the local chapter of global non profit developed to encourage and motivate women entrepreneurs and engineers in the workforce. She is proud to have increased the organization members in the region from 10 to over 1000 across several countries in the region.  It is her goal to empower more people to discover technology and become inventors.

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Project HazeCast

Hazecast is a project by the people at Tinkertanker, Silicon Straits and their friends, namely Steven, Akmal, YJ, James and Mark. Tinkertanker has been tracking the increasing popularity of Arduino and hardware tinkering, becoming involved in the effort to expand the local mindshare by offering introductory Arduino courses, building their own starter kit, and hopefully soon launching an online store that is friendly to novices and experienced tinkerers alike. They decided to tackle the haze problem from a Maker’s perspective, by building a cheap air quality monitor kit to empower everyone to monitor the quality of the air around them. Different people are still working on various aspects of the project: prototyping the product, characterising the sensors, data visualisation, etc, working together out of the makerspace at Silicon Straits.

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So now, how about the details?

Date: Saturday 27 July
Time: 7.30 pm – 9.45 pm
Venue: HUB (across the road from *SCAPE)
Fee: Free

But do note that pre-registration is required. Simply click on this link.

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