Chemistry Quest and its young inventor Yoneyama Yuito

About Chemistry Quest workshop

Chemistry Quest

CHEMISTRY QUEST is a game where you will explore the world of elements by bonding atoms to create chemicals. Your aim is to maximize your points by making bigger and more complicated elements. This game is also suitable for children who may not be able to understand the word or subject of Chemistry. Use this game as an introduction to learn chemical bonding.  In the finale of the game, you would get a chance to challenge the original inventor of the game!

If you enjoy chemistry or card games, be sure to come for the Chemistry Quest tournament! Meet the game’s young inventor from Japan and get a chance to purchase the limited English editions of the game!
The tournament is free, but slots are limited – pre-register at to confirm your slot.

About Yoneyama Yuito (The inventor of the Game)

Yuito was born in 1999. During his International Preschool days, he came across the planets in the Solar System and became amazed by the mysteries and wonders in the Universe. When he was in Primary 2, he took interest in the composition of fossils and minerals. Hence, he started reading text books on elements which was meant for high school students. One day, he saw his fellow classmate making a card game.

This inspired him to make his very own. The concept he had was a game which emphasizes on getting friends together, rather than for friends to ‘fight out’ each other. Hence, he decided to build the game around the theme of atom bonding. Thereafter, he even attended the closing event of the Tokyo International Science Festival 2010 in attempt to share his creation with the others. In 2011, he founded ChemistryQuest Inc. He was then Primary 6 but he made an important step to make his game available to as many people as possible.

When asked what he thought should be done to encourage people to make things and advice he would give to other makers, Yuito shared his views on the importance of sharing with others what you have made or invented. He emphasised on being global.

Young Yuito is now working on the iPhone version of the game which will be released this summer.


7 responses to “Chemistry Quest and its young inventor Yoneyama Yuito

  1. Hi,
    I am interested to get hold of a set of this Chemistry Quest Card Game.
    I tried to email directly but unable to do so.

    Can someone help me to connect with them?

    Sean Chua
    Trainer (Chemistry)

  2. Hi. I only found this site today. I would like to purchase an English version of Chemistry Quest card game. Kindly advice where to go and buy. Greatly appreciate the info. Thanks!

  3. I’m a science teacher and would like to get a set of this Chemistry Quest card game too. Where can I go to purchase in the USA? Thanks, CD

  4. How can we buy the game?

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