Do you know what is IKEA hacking?

Jules Ikeahacker – Yes, you are right. This is someone who hacks IKEA stuffs.

Singapore Mini Maker Faire 2012 is proud to introduce this exciting presentation that will take place on 4 Aug 2012. This is also her first live presentation on the topic of IKEA hacking.

Who is Jules Ikeahacker?

We were quite amused that she goes by Jules. Jules is the name of one of IKEA’s chair series. She said she chose it on a whim, when browsing through an IKEA catalogue and visualising herself sitting on an IKEA Jules Chair blogging (though she apparently didn’t have one!).

Jules Ikeahacker

 On a more serious note, we learnt that Jules is a copywriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As per our request, she sent us a photo for this blog. [What a contrast. I actually had a visual of Mr Phua Chu Kang (well-known local sitcom character – a building contractor with bright yellow boots) before this. Oh well, I blame the influence of local television programmes.]

How did she get started and what inspired her?

Jules started ( in 2006, an act inspired from her internet finds of a few IKEA hacks while surfing for ideas for her apartment. She was intrigued and elated to be able to find these resources and decided to create a portal to gather all these ideas together. To date, she has posted over 3,000 hacks! Do check out the photos at her website.

 About the Maker Culture

Jules is of the opinion that there are still room to grow for the Maker culture in her country, but observed that there had been growth in the interest and trend among some Makers towards modifying their IKEA buys. She was excited to be part of the Singapore Mini Maker Faire to meet other Makers and IKEA Hackers, to get the word out and to inspire people to see the potential in their Billy bookshelves and Pax wardrobes and not settle for the same-as-everyone-else-IKEA.

Jules joked that one way to encourage people to make things would be to give people less money, but she felt there is a shade of truth in it because necessity is the mother of invention. She felt that the Faire would be a good start to encourage the Maker culture, or there could be regular small Maker groups to brainstorm and share stuffs they have made to keep the fire going. She pondered over possibilities of having common spaces at residential areas so that they could bring their stuffs over to tinker and DIY.

How about you? What do you think could improve the Maker culture in your country?


4 responses to “Do you know what is IKEA hacking?

  1. What do you think could improve the Maker culture in your country? – This seems so silly but I remember back in high school being irritated that we weren’t offered classes like woodshop or mechanics, basically ‘trades’ classes. As an adult I find myself wistful that I am only now learning as a grown adult how to use a drill or a saw. If we started younger, we could inspire more hands on workers.

  2. Hey thanks for your comment. I agree with you too that the Maker culture ought to start younger, when the imagination is at the wildest. 😛

  3. I’m a Singaporean living in Finland and there’s a strong DIY culture in FInland simply because labour costs are expensive. So when we did our renovation on the house we bought recently, I painted, wallpapered, drilled, sawed and everything. …most times, all by myself because my husband was at work. Here’s something that I did with an Ikea chest of drawers – I’m not sure if it qualifies as a “hack” but I’m pretty proud of it anyway 🙂

  4. Hi Ashley, that is a great share. From my interviews with so many makers, the common key factor to drive the DIY culture seems to be the high cost indeed. It’s great work you have done there. Love those animal knobs!

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