We may be “mini”, but we can be “loud”! Join us to make the Singapore Mini Maker Faire be heard!

There is a lot of excitement in the air as we plan for the Singapore Mini Maker Faire here in the Science Centre Singapore. This will be the first time the event takes place in Singapore, and it is already drawing a lot of attention from the internet community. This probably goes to show how well-known and established the Maker Faire is!

If you haven’t heard of the  Maker Faire, read about it at their website here. It is coined as the greatest show (and tell) on Earth, a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement. The Maker Faire is a BIG event in the USA.  Can you imagine going around to see the creations of about 700 Makers amidst a 100,000 crowd? That is the kind of scale we are looking at for the Maker Faire Bay Area at San Mateo, California where it all started.

Check out the blog coverage of the recent Maker Faire Bay Area 2012 on 19 & 20 May  or their video.

The Maker Faire is nearly unheard of in our region. The nearest countries which have held a Mini Maker Faire would be Australia and China. Perhaps one day, we will make it as big as in the States, but for a start, Singapore is starting it MINI, as a small-scale, community-produced event.

In Singapore, most people buy things off the shelves for convenience’s sake. It is rare to hear of people who creates and invents things, but that doesn’t mean there are none. We are hence curious to find out what creative inventions these people have came up with, and perhaps looking at these creations might spur our own creativity!

Are you someone who enjoys taking things apart, and recreating new things? If so, the Mini Maker Faire is for you. Come join us on 4 and 5 August 2012, 10am – 5pm, at the Marquee, Science Centre Singapore. The application form for Makers, Workshop Faciliators, Presenters or Performers can be accessed here. The deadline is coming up really tight in less than a week’s time (5 Jun 12).

If you can’t commit as a Maker, and prefers to just drop in as a visitor to the Faire, we also welcome you to come check out the crazy assemblies you have never thought of, get your hands on the DIY activities, and listen to the inspiring sharing sessions by some of these Makers! Come join us!


2 responses to “We may be “mini”, but we can be “loud”! Join us to make the Singapore Mini Maker Faire be heard!

  1. I came across this news too late 😦 , I want to participate as a maker for this event are there any chance for me?

    • Hi Tawon,

      Unfortunately, the responses have really been overwhelming and we are quite full right now. However, do stay tuned and come by our inaugural Singapore Mini Maker Faire, and watch out for it next year!


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